May 10, 2012

Building Gustav Stickley’s No. 53 Double Costumer

My second collaboration with Editor Tom Casper and the outstanding staff at American Woodworker has hit the newsstands! Check out the May/June 2012 issue. Beginning on page 36 are step-by-step instructions on how to build a Gustav Stickley No. 53 Double Costumer — which is sometimes called a coat rack. What’s great about this seemingly simple 6 part project, is the unique way that Tom and I came up with for integrating through mortise and tenon joinery in big (over 2″ x 2″) posts without using a drill press, mortiser, or mallet and chisel. Check it out, I think you’ll find this a very easy way to begin mastering the through mortise and tenon. Drop me an email, or comment to this post, if you have any question about the project.